–        1 of 7 of e-tailer customers say they did 100% of this years Christmas shopping online

–         Most parents spend less than $50 on Christmas gifts per child

Monday Dec 23rd, 2012 Singapore – A Christmas shopping survey published today revealed that Singapore mothers prefer discount vouchers to socks or even gym membership. The survey by kids fashion e-tailer tried to find out more about how parents carry out holiday shopping this year.

With competition to attract Christmas shoppers already fierce amongst high street retailers, online stores seem to make their presence felt this year. 1 out of 7 mums indicated that they would make all their Christmas purchases online. Another whopping 42% shared that they would spend at least 20% of their budgets online.

The study, conducted last week among Singapore-based mums also revealed that 69% will buy gifts for less than $50 per child. Their top two choices for gifts for their kids were toys and clothes. Clothes were an especially popular option as 45% of parents indicated that their children don new garbs on Christmas day. Interestingly enough, 55% of the mums shared that they enjoy dressing their kids up in clothes that matched themselves.

With regards to ranking the most unpopular gifts, gym memberships won the prize, closely followed by socks, discount vouchers, kitchenware or food baskets.

And the top item on the wish list for Singaporean mums? Cliché as it sounds – to have a happy family.


About the survey

A total of 61 mums responding from within Singapore took part in the survey.

The invitation to participate took place on the website and the actual survey was done using an online questionnaire.

Other facts – (Full survey available on request)

1) Respondents were predominantly aged between 26-40.

2) 95% of respondents were women.

3) 54% had 2 kids or more.

4) Kids were predominantly aged between 0-3

5) 69% budgeted up to $50 for each child for X’mas

6) 14% said that would spend their entire X’mas gift budget online

7) Toys and clothes were the most popular X’mas gifts

8.) 51% said they purchase X’mas gifts more than a month in advance

9) Gym memberships were considered the worst possible X’mas gift (34%), followed by socks, discount vouchers, kitchenware and food baskets

10) 89% spend quality time with their families for X’mas

11) 45% of kids wear new clothes on X’mas

12) 55% of parents like to dress their kids to match themselves.