26 April 2024, Ho Chi Minh City—Today, a revolutionary chapter in the maternal and child industry unfolds in Vietnam with the grand opening of the Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center in Ho Chi Minh City. This isn’t just another store launch; it’s the introduction of a groundbreaking concept that shifts the paradigm of traditional retail by incorporating technology, giving parents in Vietnam a hybrid model that marries the convenience of online shopping with the tactile pleasure of in-store experiences.

motherswork retech experiential center ho chi minh city vietnam

Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center fosters a dynamic environment where technology enhances the traditional retail model, creating a seamless bridge between online convenience and in-store value for parents

Motherswork is Asia’s premier omni-channel retailer specializing in premium mother, baby, and kids’ products with two stores in Singapore and eight in China, and now one in Vietnam. Since launching in 1998, Motherswork has become synonymous with quality and excellence, offering a carefully curated selection of over 300 esteemed brands in its physical stores and website. Motherswork holds exclusive distribution rights for 20 brands, including renowned names such as Avent, Joolz, and Stokke; Mama’s Choice, a fast-growing company in Southeast Asia known for its Halal-certified mother and baby care products; and Little Rei, Motherswork’s proprietary brand of soft and sustainable baby furnishings and beddings. The carefully curated product range spans everything from baby gear including strollers, high chairs, and cribs to small appliances such as baby food makers, sterilizers, and baby monitors, all reflecting Motherswork’s commitment to quality and durability.

Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center located in Estella Place, District 2, reflects the Singapore-headquartered luxury retailer’s commitment to empowering mothers across Asia with access to world-class products for mothers, babies, and kids. The center’s pioneering concept, called “A Day in Your Baby’s Life,” transforms our understanding of baby-centric living spaces, demonstrating how a baby’s needs become the heart of a family’s home. It offers an immersive journey into the life of a baby, providing new and expectant parents a vivid look at how Motherswork’s selection of premium mother, baby, and kids’ products integrate seamlessly into daily life as a growing family.

motherswork retech experiential center ho chi minh city vietnam

The stroller and scooter section features a multi-terrain ramp where parents can test out the durability of the strollers on various terrain

A play of the words retail and technology, Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center is the company’s first click-and-collect concept in the region. Here, customers can explore and purchase products at motherswork.com.vn and opt for an in-person pickup at the center. Merging technology with personalized service, Motherswork not only streamlines the shopping experience but also ensures that parents can receive immediate assistance and product demonstrations from expert staff during collection. 

“Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center isn’t just a place for parents to shop; it’s a community hub for new and expectant mothers in Vietnam, offering a supportive environment where they can learn, share experiences, and connect with other families,” says Sharon Wong, Founder and CEO of Motherswork. 

motherswork retech experiential center ho chi minh city vietnam

Parents can also test out the ease of use and stability of the car seats inside the center’s model car!

The center also aims to bring together a community of mothers in Ho Chi Minh City to connect and engage with each other. With its innovative setup, this unique platform is designed to support mothers and families as they navigate the challenges and joys of parenting, providing not just products but also a space for community engagement and educational events.

Wong enthusiastically adds, “This launch marks a significant step in our mission to empower mothers not just in Vietnam but across Asia, with the tools, knowledge, and community they need to care for their children confidently.”

Poised to transform the landscape of family-centric shopping and community building, Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center represents a significant leap forward in redefining the retail experience for parents in Vietnam. Through its innovative concept, merging technology with personalized service, the center not only streamlines the shopping process but also fosters a vibrant community of new and expectant mothers. 

motherswork retech experiential center ho chi minh city vietnam

Left to right: Christina de los Reyes (Country Director Vietnam, Motherswork), Devin Chen (Regional Manager, Bugaboo), Miranda Law (Regional Marketing Manager, Joolz), Serene Ng (Area Director, Singapore Tourism Board), Roshni Mahtani (Group CEO and founder, The Parentinc), Ambassador Jaya Ratnam (Singapore’s Ambassador to Vietnam), Sharon Wong (Founder & CEO, Motherswork), Consulate Roy Kho (Consul-General), Hsinyee (Cindy) Chiu (APAC Head, Stokke), Patrina Lim (Regional Director, Singapore Economic Development Board), and Richard Tay (General Director, Estella Place)

Shop at motherswork.com.vn and visit the Motherswork RETECH Experiential Center at Estella Place, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, to start your parenting journey!


About Motherswork

Established in 1998, Motherswork is a leading omni-channel retailer of premium mother, baby, and kids’ products. The company has two stores in Singapore, eight in China, and one in Vietnam, representing over 300 esteemed brands, including 20 exclusive brands for distribution. Driven by years of research and a commitment to excellence, Motherswork has evolved into a comprehensive, multi-channel destination, providing a seamless shopping experience for parents seeking the very best for their children at every stage of parenthood.

In 2024, Motherswork celebrates 26 years of empowering women who embark on the extraordinary journey that is motherhood. Guided by love, passion, and the pursuit of excellence, Motherswork continues to enrich the lives of mothers everywhere, fostering a vibrant and supportive community fueled by meaningful connections and curated brand experiences that unite mothers with the brands they adore. 

Visit the main website at motherswork.com.sg!


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