At the recently held CHOmum Marketing to Mums conference, panels of industry experts were invited to enlighten marketers on the “Chief Household Officer” aka Asian millennial mum.

In the discussion on how to speak to the CHOmum, Caroline Troman, Commercial Director, Asia at AOL, shared the 3 ‘content moments’ they’ve found to appeal to these mums the most: Inspiration, Learning to be a better mum, and Entertainment.

As the largest parenting portal in the region, wanted to see how this translates across countries – is it true for all or will culture play a part in deviating from the list? Here’s what the editors have to say:


Celebrity stories do well. I think our fans like to be able to relate to celebs in general as ‘regular’ parents. Discipline stories are quite popular too as you can imagine.


Many of our moms like reading up on tips to simplify childcare – ways to make parenting easier, like how to make your child eat veggies.


Pregnancy is a popular category for us. That’s why we make it a point to make even the most complex topics easy to read and relatable for the mums.


Our mums love to read about global news related to children. They love getting all of these up-to-date info. Most of our readers are young parents so they find these articles helpful and interesting.


Nutrition stories do well because every mum wants her child to eat more! As a breather, they enjoy reading articles about romance. We don’t run too many sex articles because we may get complaints, although people WILL read.


Articles on breastfeeding are quite popular as moms are greatly concerned on this and are looking for validation and motivation to keep going on their breastfeeding journeys.


First person accounts on motherhood adventures as well as news and trending issues do well for us. Don’t forget Bollywood stories!

The 3 ‘content moments’ mentioned by Troman seem to resonate across the region, though taking different forms. For ENTERTAINMENT, it’s celebrities and Bollywood as mums are curious to know whether the glamour gives way to spit-ups and sleepless nights. INSPIRATIONAL reads range from rekindling marital romance to breastfeeding success stories. LEARNING TO BE A BETTER MUM runs a whole gamut of topics. It’s not just parenting news and tips in general, but specifically discipline and simplifying childcare, among others; also pregnancy as well as sex & relationships (as happy couples are more likely to be happy parents).

In a diverse region such as ours, concerns, interests, and priorities will vary. But some things will remain universal – these, we call parenting truths.

For more information and insights on Asian parenting, drop us a note at [email protected] Stay tuned for the next CHOmum conference happening in Mumbai, November 14th 2017.