The digital age has made a lot of things convenient for mothers. Not only when it comes to looking up information about health and child development, but also being able to buy a lot of needs with just one point or click, without leaving the home. No getting stuck in traffic, difficulty in finding parking, or wasting time queuing at the cash register.

However, what do we know about the actual consumption of online shopping for digital mothers?

TheAsianParent conducted a survey in December 2017 to more than 1000 mothers in Indonesia aged between 20-40 years with household income above Rp 3 million (SGD 288).

98% of mothers surveyed said they were the ultimate decision makers for their household purchases.

One of the reasons why mothers choose to shop online is to avoid the hassles of shopping outside with a child. In addition, there are 3 main reasons other moms shop online:

  1. Can be done anytime and anywhere
  2. To save time
  3. Can compare prices easily

Price comparison is very important for mothers. However, it should still be supported with quality. Mums also like the ease of comparing the quality of goods through reviews on the Internet, especially on parenting sites. As many as 94% of our respondents made a purchase after viewing online recommendations, and 28% made purchases after viewing reviews from parenting sites.

Ease of payment transactions also supports this online shopping pattern. As many as 41% of the respondents prefer to make payments via mobile phone for their online shopping purchases.

73% of online shopping mums shop more than 2-3 times a month, and for each transaction, 6 out of 10 spend an average of Rp100,000-Rp300,000 (SGD 9.25 – 27.75). The online purchases mainly revolve around children, with a percentage of 78% for children’s clothing products and 61% for baby / child products.

Meanwhile, according to Nadya Pramesrani, M. Psi, Psychologist from Rumah Dandelion, online shopping for mums can serve as a reward and break from the busyness in the office and at home.

Me time or time for yourself for the mothers is a necessity to help them stay mentally healthy and can provide a healthy and positive environment also for their children. But with all the limitations that exist, especially in terms of time, create mothers spending Me Time with online shopping. Me time, becomes similar to window shopping but less effort compared to going to malls, and also create a smart mom because it’s easy to compare the price and quality that ultimately helps them choose the best for the family. ”

The most preferred e-commerce platform for mothers in Indonesia

A mother’s role requires her to always give the best for her family. On the other hand, she must also be the wisest in managing household expenses. Therefore, the affordability of prices is the mother’s primary consideration when choosing an e-commerce platform for online shopping.

Do you know? As many as 46% of mothers with children aged 4 years and over will look for products at a discount. After the price, the new mum will consider the trustworthiness of the seller and the existence of free shipping service.

From many online shopping platforms, Shopee became the first choice of mothers (selected 73% of respondents), followed by Tokopedia (54%), Lazada (51%), and although not fully part of the e-commerce category, Instagram (50 %).

For 90% of the respondents, Shopee is the most affordable online shopping platform. Shopee also features in-app messaging features, and free goods delivery promos. This might also be the reason that 83% of the respondents said they would recommend Shopee to their friends.

That is certainly proof that today’s mother has been helped by the development of technology. This allows mums to perform their roles, while enjoying entertainment, even shopping – anywhere and anytime, in the palm of their hand!