Last September 2018, theAsianparent surveyed over 300 mums for the 2018 Singapore Digital Mum Report. Here’s what you need to know about the Singaporean Digital Mum:

She may be older than you imagine.

78% of respondents were aged 31-45 years old; compared to, say, Thailand, which showed 49% for the same age group. This means a more mature audience and more disposable income, which is important to note for the next key point:

And she’s very, very mobile. 

Over a third of the respondents said that after becoming a mum, Internet use increased by 1-4 hours per day. Over half shared that they used their mobile phone for four or more hours daily. 16% actually used their phone for over eight hours! 

By the way, iPhone is the most popular smartphone brand according to this survey, followed by Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. 

Q: How do you get her ATTENTION? 

A: Via SOCIAL MEDIA (but EMAIL still works, too)

99% have at least one social media account, and over 60% spend upwards of six hours weekly on Facebook or Instagram.  

Of the things she does online, Social Media takes the top spot at 88%, followed by Email at 75%. 

Q: How do you ENGAGE her?


“Baby/Toddler Development” is the #1 topic she reads online, followed by “Education,” with “Health and Nutrition” coming in third. All of these are covered in parenting sites, which they frequently visit, making it the fourth most popular activity online at 67%.

Of what she watches online, content on Parenting and Children comes first, followed by Food, then Drama/Sitcoms. 

Q: How do you get her AS A CUSTOMER?


92% of respondents said they shopped online; 64% did it multiple times per month. Here are some of her purchasing habits/preferences:

What brands also need to know is that word of mouth is now also online.

The top reasons she follows brands on social media are: 1) for updates on products/offerings, 2) for discounts/coupons, and 3) to endorse brands to other mums

Note that getting in touch with fellow mums is another of her favorite online activities, with 33% communicating digitally multiple times a day. Whatsapp (97%) and FB Messenger (78%) are the preferred messaging apps.