Over 1000 mums were surveyed last November 2018 and February 2019 for the latest Philippine Digital Mum Report. Here’s what you need to know about Filpina Digital Mums:

They are the undisputed Queens of the Household.

So far the highest percentage we’ve seen across our recent surveys in the region, 99% of  Filipina mums say that they have the final say at home.

And we’ve got the Filipina Digital Mum’s ear.

For parenting help, Filipina mums turn to parenting sites, of which theAsianparent PH now proudly takes the #1 spot locally. They are also very active on the TAP Commmunity app and social media groups created and run by TAP. 

As she becomes increasingly mobile. 

When this survey was done in the Philippines in 2015, the split was 86% Mobile to 14% Desktop. The latest results come as no surprise with Filipinos being the world’s heaviest users of the Internet at 10.02 hours/day (vs. the global average of 6.42). ¹

2 out of 3 mums surveyed indicated that their Internet consumption increased after becoming mums. About 20% of the respondents said that their usage increased by more than 4 hours/day! Over half go online after 7pm; while some (15%), particularly housewives, tend to do so before lunch, between 9-12nn.

4 out of 5 mums in the Philippines shop online.

With 46% of the respondents indicating that they used the Internet more after becoming a mum, online shopping is perhaps one of the areas that saw a boost. The savvy mum, who likes catching deals online, shops primarily for baby/child products.  

That said, they still prefer to buy baby items at brick-and-mortar stores, with majority saying that they purchase milk and diapers at supermarkets, and children’s clothing and toiletries at department stores.

¹ Kemp, S. “Digital 2019: Global Digital Yearbook”. we are social, Hootsuite™. 30 Jan 2019.